Why An Increasing Number of Industry Leaders are Investing in Permanent AV

03.01.2019 / By JAMES HUNTER
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From startups to Blue Chip multi-nationals, businesses all over Britain are installing permanent AV setups for their office environments. Here’s why.

Installing Better Communications Technology Can Boost Business Profits

Did you know that having the right communications technology installed in your office can help to increase your business efficiency and profitability? According to Forbes, throughout 2018 industry leaders will “continue to promote their workspaces and design them to facilitate interpersonal relationships between employees”, with an emphasis on improving communication through technology. That means installing the right AV equipment to promote company collaboration on an office-wide scale.

Increased Employee Engagement Leads to Improved Productivity

When you discover that engaged employees are seventeen percent more productive, you can understand why investing in staff engagement is so important. A killer office AV setup will make those meetings more manageable and presentations more powerful.
With the press of a button, you can easily broadcast messages to your entire company or take your conferences and training sessions to a whole new level with advanced video technology.

It Only Takes Seven Seconds to Make a First Impression

The first seven seconds that potential employees or prospective clients spend in your offices could make the difference between your business winning or losing them. When you have the latest technology at your fingertips, your presentations and video conferences will always run smoothly. Being able to broadcast crisp sound and clear videos that don’t lag says a lot about what potential customers and employees can expect from your business, which is why installing a permanent office AV system is such a worthwhile investment.

Ambiance Contributes to Performance

Creating a comfortable and welcoming workspace can improve employee engagement and productivity significantly. According to Business.com, “the complete atmosphere of an office or workplace correlates with employee productivity.” This includes, among other important factors, your office’s lighting, background music, and the quality of your communications technology. A permanent AV system will give you the opportunity to make your space inviting and help your customers and staff to feel relaxed and welcomed. A waiting room or reception area that incorporates interesting and inviting sounds and visuals for example, is instantly welcoming and appealing. The more welcome a new or existing customer is made to feel, the more relaxed and engaged they will feel going into a meeting or presentation with one of your managers or employees.

65% of Customers are Lost Due to Indifference to Their Needs

According to Ironpaper, 65% of customers are lost due to indifference, not due to mistakes. Customers want to feel cared about and invested in; nothing says indifferent like a lacklustre speaker system and a failing projector that projects grainy, wonky images onto a poor quality screen. Going the extra mile and creating a cutting-edge office environment that oozes professionalism and quality, will go a long way to impressing the customers that visit you for client update meetings and events.

Discuss Your Permanent AV Installation with Status AV

If you’d like to benefit from the many advantages of installing a permanent AV solution in your office environment, the experts at StatusAV can help. Our team of skilled technicians can recommend the right Audio Visual equipment to suit your office setting, employee needs and budget, then undertake all of the planning, installation and maintenance for you – quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Get in touch with us today to start planning your permanent AV installation.


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James Hunter is a business technology graduate with 15 years experience in running full service audio visual businesses. His company Status Audio Visual also incorporates Directional Audio, the experts in directional sound.

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