What If Your Corporate Event is Threatened by Coronavirus?

13.03.2020 / By JAMES HUNTER

With government advice likely to change shortly to only allow smaller gatherings of less than 100 people, many event organisers are weighing up their options. Many companies have prohibited all but essential travel for their employees so attendance – unless it’s a very locally focused event – is likely to be well down on expectations. Those that do attend are likely to have considerable unease about mixing with large crowds, so are less likely to engage with your content or message. 

This leaves event organisers in the UK 3 main options:


1.Cancel entirely

This has implications for insurance – which is very unlikely to cover, as most policies have exclusion clauses for communicable diseases. It also has other implications such as CPD requirements, product launches, and un-cancellable costs such as flights, hotels etc. 


2. Manage infection control on site

Many – mainly smaller – corporate events are still going ahead currently in the UK, with hand gel available, masks on site, and restrictions on hand shaking and attendee proximity. Whilst this gets round the issue of cancellation costs, the event is likely to have a reduced attendance and may struggle to allow keynote speakers to get there, due to the travel restrictions in place currently. 


3. Live stream it 

With the advances in remote working technology, many are asking why conferences are needed at all in the current medical climate. 

Whilst networking is an essential part of the conference/event experience for corporate attendees, it would seem better to err on the side of caution. 

Live streaming allows the key messages from the event or product launches to get to the customer without endangering them or their wider families. Keynote speakers can still make their speech, panel discussions can easily take place – either remotely or with 5 or 6 panellists onsite, and questions can be posed by the audience simply and effectively via live comment pages. Any risks involved in a small group attending a filming session can be sensibly mitigated by sensible precautions such as hand washing and gel availability.


The technology or equipment required is readily available and many event companies have spare capacity currently due to the cancellation of most onsite corporate events. Your venue costs and un cancellable costs are likely to be similar to cancelling, but your key messages can still be sent out to those that matter. With so many working from home, your online attendance is likely to be higher than expected, and more focused – so allowing a possible win from the jaws of defeat!


The technology required can be as simple as a single camera, a laptop and a microphone, all connected through a live streaming device. A single technician can manage the setup and operation, and allow streaming on any platform from YouTube live, Facebook Live or a more secure platform such as Ustream. More complex events simply require a little more of each component so are an effective scalable resource for any event.


We have a range of packages suitable for streaming events direct to your audience using cutting edge technology that delivers a professional smooth feed to your customers.


About the Author

James Hunter is a business technology graduate with 15 years experience in running full service audio visual businesses. His company Status Audio Visual also incorporates Directional Audio, the experts in directional sound.

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