Looking For A Specialist In AV Hire for Corporate Events?

We can supply, install and manage all of the AV equipment for your next corporate event. Simply fill in the form below and someone from our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.
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Looking For A Specialist In AV Hire for Corporate Events?

We can supply, install and manage all of the AV equipment for your next corporate event. Simply fill in the form below and someone from our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.

Our PROJECTOR range includes:

  • NEC-LT25
    NEC LT25 (or similar)
    DLP 2300 lumens XGA
    from £50 per day
    *All prices exclude VAT*
  • Sanyo-XU106
    Sanyo XU106
    LCD 4500 lumens XGA
    from £100 per day
    *All prices exclude VAT*
  • Panasonic
    Panasonic DZ680
    DLP 6,500 lumens WUXGA
    from £350 per day incl. lens
    *All prices exclude VAT*
  • Panasonic-EX12k
    Panasonic EX12k
    DLP 13,000 lumens XGA
    from £750 per day
    *All prices exclude VAT*
  • Panasonic RZ120
    Laser DPL 12,000 lumens WUXGA
    from £750 a day
    *All prices exclude VAT*

Questions to think about before you book:

  • What lumens do you need? (Lumens is the brightness of the projector)
  • What resolution do you need? (Resolution is the number of pixels at which the display device does not have to expand or compress the input signal)
  • What type: install, desktop or portable? (Install projectors tend to be larger and heavier, desktop ones are small and lighter and portable are somewhere in between!)

When you’re looking to hire a projector for a presentation or party, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Use the following checklist to help you plan your projector hire:

How many people need to see the screen?
A 2,200 lumens projector will usually be sufficient for a smaller meeting – up to 20 people. A brighter projector will be needed for rooms with more natural light, bigger screens and larger audiences – some projectors go up to over 20,000 lumens but you shouldn’t need these for a simple presentation! Call us for advice on which projector will suit you best.

Can everyone see the screen?
Depending on how many people are attending your meeting, some may be situated some way away from the screen. If you have a lot of text in your presentation, then some may not be able to read it clearly. There are two solutions to this: repeater screens or larger screen/projector. Repeater screens are often plasma or LCD screens positioned further down the room that show the same image as the main screen. Quite often in larger meetings there may be pillars or obstructions that mean some people may not be able to see the whole screen. For these rooms repeater screens are the best option.

If it is just a matter of distance from the screen, then increasing the screen size will help as the text will be larger and hence easier to read. The larger the screen, then generally you should increase the brightness of the projector, as light is diffused more over a larger area. Room ceiling heights may dictate that a larger screen is not possible, so repeater screens are a good fallback.

Do you need a set?
Often a screen by itself can look bare. There are different ways to dress up a simple screen but the most common are using felt covered flat panels, or using drapes. These look like heavy ‘curtains’ that are framed around the screen to tidy it up. Flats come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, but the standard type is usually 8′ x 4′. This can be covered in any colour felt (or other material), and any number of these can be added together to make a seamless wall. For more information on set design please call us and we can talk you through it.

Do you need a PA system?
Most projectors come with a small speaker that’s useless for anything practical. There’s nothing worse than being unable to make yourself heard! If you’ve got sound with your presentation or video, make sure you hire a separate PA system to let people hear it. Quite often Powerpoint presentations include a music track or “wake up call” which is completely wasted if it’s coming out of a tiny speaker. Give your audience the full impact! Give us a call for more advice.

Benefits of using Status AV for your projector hire:

  • New equipment: all our equipment is replaced regularly with the latest technology in projection. You won’t be left holding an out of date, abused projector!
  • Perfect service: We pride ourselves on delivering perfect service; we know you can choose who to hire your projector from, and want to make hiring from Status AV such a pain-free experience, that you will keep coming back.
  • Great pricing: No-one can beat our prices for this level of equipment. Make sure you’re not being palmed off with low brightness, old technology projectors.
  • Fast delivery: We can deliver within the hour if needed in Bristol and Bath. We also deliver to Melksham, Trowbridge, Chippenham, Corsham, Bradford on Avon and anywhere in Wiltshire or Somerset.

Got a Question?

Contact us for more information about our Live Events, AV Hire or Installation services and one of our highly trained AV experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements.


Status AV Audio Visual Services

We’re the industry experts in corporate AV, offering full audio visual services that will make your event look and sound amazing. Whether you’re running a conference, roadshow, corporate away-day or seminar, Status AV can help.

Our experienced technicians are comfortable handling even the most acoustically-challenging conditions, from echoey halls with lots of reverb, to buzzing outdoor venues.


Live Event AV

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Road Shows

AV Installation

  • Projectors
  • LED TV Screens
  • Sound Systems
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Walls

AV Hire

  • Projectors
  • PA Systems
  • LED TV Screens
  • Lighting
  • Lecterns

Directional Audio

  • Ultrasonic Speakers
  • Sound Showers
  • Directional Soundbars
  • Dome Speakers
  • Overhead Directional Arrays


“I started working with Status AV because a client wanted to use local suppliers. I now recommend them to all my clients. Every event I do with them is spot on. They really understand corporate events and the importance of a sexy set and a slickly run show. The team are all very helpful, adaptable and amenable. I know my clients are in safe hands when we work with Status AV. They spent time understanding the event and coming up with creative solutions to challenging venues, briefs or budgets. I know I am going to have a great day at work when working with Status AV and that my clients will too.”


“Quite simply the best AV company I have ever dealt with. Having used them for over 4 years, I can always trust them to be on time and on budget and to deliver the most exciting and innovative events. I would never do any event without them.”
Events Director


“As with everything they do Status are completely up to date with the latest technology, and made everything seem very easy. Overall I find Status a pleasure to work with – they respond quickly to any queries and are always happy to help tailor any event to ensure you get the best result for your budget.”
London & Country
Special Projects Manager


“The show went really went thank you. The sound shower was just what we were after and I would recommend you sell out the motion speaker, as it was an added interest to the guests!”
Heart Productions
Production Manager


“Status AV must be commended for the way they managed our charity event on the 18th May. With over 1,000 people due to be under canvas for a charity auction and party, all was going well until the marquee turned out to be 10 feet narrower than expected. With less than 5 days to the event, the Status AV team had to completely re-design the AV setup and supply an entirely different array of equipment to make the event work. On the night, everything went extremely well and I have no hesitation to recommending them to you. ”
Hilldrop Charity Shoot
Events Director


“We used three of the 20” domes to create an isolated sound field in front of a screen within an ambient sound field. The units were extremely effective and provided exactly the effect we were looking for.”
Matrix Nine


“Thanks for everything, it was a pleasure hiring all of the equipment from you. I really do appreciate your going the extra mile for us here. Both of our events were a great success and the sound showers were a very popular interaction within each venue. They worked really well!”
MKTG Agency
Production Manager


“A big thank you for your support last week at our annual Celebrate Success Awards. I have received so much amazing feedback on how smooth the event was. We certainly would be delighted to work with you again. ”
Prince's Trust
Head of Commercial


“Lacock Village Hall were delighted with the service we received from Status Audio Visual, when they installed a new sound system, new stage lighting and also a hearing loop in our Village Hall. They were excellent at explaining the system and also following up on any queries we had. We would not hesitate to recommend them for any sound or lighting installation. ”
Lacock Village Hall


“Thanks to Status AV for replacing our presentation and sound solutions, including hearing loops, for 3 of our conference rooms in the last 3 years. A great service always delivered on time and to budget ”
The Vassall Centre
Centre Manager


“Status AV were fantastic. They worked to our tight budget and produced sound, lighting, staging and full video coverage of our awards ceremony to an exceptionally high standard. I will recommend Status AV for any future events as they sensationally exceeded our expectations. ”
Wiltshire Farm Foods
Events Manager


“Huge thanks to Status AV for designing and optimising the system. We were really keen to make sure the sound wasn’t too harsh. These guys have honed the setup brilliantly to ensure you can have an amazing audio experience but without your ears ringing after the class.”
Spin Village Bath


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